They need a special air filter

My friend Bill and I are often sent to HVAC installs together. Bill and I are a great team. We work well together and we always seem to be in sync. Our average HVAC system install times are lower than anyone else in our company. Last year alone, Bill and I installed 342 HVAC systems. That’s a lot, considering the fact that we only work 5 or 6 days each week. We often perform more than one HVAC install in a single day. During the months of June and July, we are scheduled for two or three installations in one day. By the end of July, most people know if they are going to experience problems with the climate control system. The end of the summer is slower than the first two months. The winter climate is rather mild in this area, so we hardly ever get overwhelmed during the cold months. Last month, Bill and I are worked on a very special project. We helped oversee the installation of an advanced air filtration system at the microbrewery. Bill and I helped another team of HVAC installers. Together, we installed an intricate system throughout the building. The heating and air conditioning system has an advanced air filtration feature, to remove any types of particles and pollutants that could cause harm to the Beer batches. Bill and I even received a tour of the brewery, when the HVAC installation was completed. They offered us several cases of sample brews, and we couldn’t say no. That was the most fun I ever had during an HVAC installation job.

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