They reminded me of what we should do

The responsibilities of our job take us all over the world.  We spend the majority of our time traveling. We live out of hotel rooms with lumpy beds, scratchy sheets, as well as exhausting indoor air pollen levels.  Because of our lifestyle, I’ve come to prioritize the importance of temperature control as well as air quality. I’ve l received that the more high-priced hotels tend to have better heating as well as cooling units.  When the heating and cooling system maintains an even temperature and effectively filters the air, I sleep better and feel healthier. Being exposed to the contaminated air quality of airports, planes, taxis, as well as rental cars, I often end up with headaches, sore throats, as well as itchy eyes.  The hotel occasionally provides relief, but also occasionally makes our symptoms much worse. I typically read reviews online as well as call ahead to ensure there’s modern, good working heating/cooling device within the room. I need access as well as control over a thermostat so that I can regulate temperature to our preference.  I prefer when the heating/cooling device offers extra features, such as a range of fan speeds, humidity control, as well as ventilation. Our experiences on the road have led us to invest quite a bit into a state-of-the-art temperature control system for our home. Although We are not there all that often, I feel the added cost of zone control, wind speed technology as well as a smart thermostat were totally worth it.  We are able to keep track of the system from our cellphone, adjust settings, as well as return home to the perfect comfort level.