They took my HVAC equipment!

The neighborhood I used to live in was the pits. The crime rate was always high and these little hoods used to cause so much trouble stealing, robbing and breaking everything around the neighborhood. One time, they crossed me. But no, they did not steal from me, break my windows or take my car. These petty fools broke my heating and cooling system! Far as I could tell, they took an aluminum baseball bat while I was at work and bashed my outside HVAC components into oblivion! To make it even worse, they poured some sticky liquid inside the grates of the heating and cooling unit as well. The nerve of them! When I got home and found this out, I was ready to take justice into my own hands! But, I relented and called the police and told them what the hoodlums did to my super expensive, top of the line climate control system! They took the report, then I called my HVAC company to see if they could salvage my rig. They sent out a heating and cooling specialist to examine things. The heating and cooling worker said that it was totally dead! I was done with that neighborhood. After that fiasco, I left the house and moved to a nice neighborhood. I rented a house, so that the HVAC system was taken care of by the landlord! This neighborhood is hood free! I have been happy here for four years now. I was informed those hoods were caught and are now serving time in jail.

HVAC worker