this dust is a pain

I never have any afternoons that are boring at my job. I work for a gas furnace repair service.  We specialize in gas furnace service and repairs but we repair all types of heating and cooling equipment. I’ve been with the same HVAC company for about ten years now. They treat me fairly, and I get great benefits and fair pay. Two years ago, my wife gave birth to our first baby.  My boss paid for an entire month off so I could be home with my wife and our son. Most afternoons are routine calls. HVAC repair appointments, gas furnace repairs, and new system upgrades. Some afternoons can be fun and interesting. When something unexpected happens to breakup the monotony.  A few weeks ago, I was heading down to the park. I was sent to repair the HVAC duct system in the park bathroom. It seems that a nest of raccoons had found their way into the HVAC ducts. The pest service had been able to remove the raccoons, however the park needed the HVAC system repaired. I arrived around  eight in the morning, and I was happy the weather was sunny. The last few days had been cold, and the sunshine felt pretty nice that day. I backed my HVAC repair truck up to the bathroom, so I could retrieve parts more easily. On my fourth trip out to the HVAC repair truck, I saw a raccoon standing in the truck. He knocked over all of my tools, and then scurried into the woods. That added some excitement to my boring day.

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