We really want a new heat pump

Heat pump improvements are a lot more work than it is worth. It sorta has me wondering if my heat pump was more costly and more work involved due to it being a geothermal version. Geothermal Heating and Air Conditioning machines use the heat energy in the air quality. A textbook heat pump machine has an indoor plus outdoor unit, with the indoor component sitting in the house, and the outdoor component sitting in the lawn. The geothermal heat pump outdoor machine is smothered under the ground. It is not immersed a few feet,  more like hundreds of feet! I had to appoint a business that specializes in unearthing heat pump systems. Apparently, the outdoor component being placed there under the ground is even more productive. The heat pump makes use of heat energy, plus it is better under the ground. During the Winter, under the sub-zero ground is warmer. That means supplementary heat energy to use and even better quality heating. In the Summer it appears, the outdoor air might be warmer, but the ground under is quite cold still. Using that air, you could possibly have better air conditioning in the Summer. The advantages are supposed to be way better. For the time and money spent, it had better be the most supreme Heating and Air Conditioning component I’ve ever laid my eyes on! The geothermal heat pump was very modern and the upgrade process was the worst. The digging and refilling process was horrendous! I had to unknowingly hire a Heating and Air Conditioning professional to link up the heat pump method to my apartment and control unit. The whole situation from beginning to end took plenty of time and tons of money. I am looking to see evidence of some extraordinary energy savings. If I don’t, I am not going to be smiling!

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