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I thought I was used to the ice cold days of winter in our town, but those single digits still can really get to me! Last year, I decided that in the Winter, I would try to get up early to start laundry for heating purposes. I would get the chance to have a load in the dryer, before anyone else in the house got up for school. The best feeling in the world is putting on hot dryer clothes on a freezing morning!  Before I started doing this, we were constantly fooling around with the heating system causing our heating bill to go up so high! When I was looking for something new and different to try, I started studying some helpful Mom websites. That is when I found one of them proposed using the dryer as an alternative heating source for your house. At first, it sounded so strange to me. But, once I started getting up early to take on the laundry, I instantly noticed the warmth on the first days and weeks. I didn’t mind starting on laundry first thing in the morning, either, because laundry is the chore that never ends around here. On the second day, I started to notice that our oil furnace wasn’t cycling as frequently on and off, which set up the bill to high. I knew that meant savings on our bills eventually. After two weeks of using the dryer in the morning hours, I saw the savings on our monthly energy bill. Our normal January heating bill was usually close to $350. Now it came in after this tactic at $200! Most of my friends laugh when I say the dryer is our alternative heating unit. But, I know that it works well and saves us currency for our family budget. I still cannot find any way to help with the excessive cooling in the summertime, however at least the two of us can save currency during a single of the seasons. It is a good start!

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