This is all fine with me

Several weeks previously, my wife as well as myself attended a jazz concert downtown. It was a huge band that we had honestly been thinking about seeing for months. My wife procured honestly great tickets from her job, as well as we even had a private Suite. The front easily overlooked the phase as well as had a high rail with sparkling colorful lights. The whole room was specifically to us. I quickly noticed how the temperature inside of the room had a terribly cold. I perfectly wanted to remove my Overcoat, because I was dressed in tails for the occasion. The temperature was borderline chilly, so we decided to ask someone to adjust the temperature control. She informed us there was no single temperature control for that area, but that the heat was often turned down until the show began. There were multiple people around the area that created a lot of heat, so I was completely shocked that the theater company had not bothered with the gas furnace. We decided to complain about being honestly chili, though the hostess perfectly told us there was not a thing she could do to help us become perfectly comfortable. My wife was upset about the gas furnace as well as, as well as bought numerous drinks to warm up. Both of us honestly don’t remember much of the concert, but we perfectly remember the amount of alcoholic drinks we paid for on our tab. At least we managed to stay warm in that theater, despite the lack of a working furnace.

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