The furnace is cool with me

About a week ago my husband and I went to a concert in the city. It was a band that we both had been really looking forward to seeing in person, and my husband was able to get really good tickets through his work. When we got there, we were shown to a private suite. The front overlooked the stage and had a high glass rail that sparkled with the colors of the lights high above our heads. We had the room all to ourselves. I noticed pretty quickly, however, that the temperature in there was really cold. I wanted to take my jacket off, because I had dressed up for this special occasion, but the temperature in there was bordering on freezing. I asked our waiter guy if there was a thermostat somewhere to turn the heating system up, but he said there wasn’t an individual control for the suite. He also told me the venue turns the heat down for concerts since it tends to get really warm once the show starts. With that many people in the building creating even more heat, they don’t bother turning the heating system on. I was shocked. I told the man that I was absolutely freezing. He simply said there was nothing he could do. When I told my husband about this, he was unconcerned. It wasn’t a surprise to me because I knew he was probably perfectly comfortable. He said if there was nothing to be done about the heating system, then we’d find another way to make me feel comfortable. He ended up buying me way too many drinks. It worked though; I was quite warm after that, but I don’t remember much about the details of the concert.

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