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If you ever want to hate your furnace system, change a light bulb in your house… I have found there to be nothing more frustrating than realizing that all the heated air you are paying for is on your ceiling, and heat rises due to the particles being lighter. A normal furnace, fireplace or boiler itself just can’t really fight science. You can turn on the heater, crank it to the maximum, and fight all you want, but in the end the rooms will always have cold spots, and the ceiling.I hated the method of heating our ceiling plus, wasting so much money on heating that wasn’t working, so I started investing in radiant heating for my home.. Radiant heating is flooring-based heating, and is designed to have no hot or cold spots throughout. This is because the heating consists of either electric mats or a series of pipes filled with hot water. You are not fighting air particles, with this setup, it is simple electricity. The mats are installed right beneath the floorboards, and they’re placed evenly throughout. Hydronic heating is a pipe system that is connected to a boiler within the floorboard. With either of those heating options, you are getting evenly distributed heat, which means no more hot spots and chills! That radiant heat doesn’t rise to your ceiling, either; it stays at the lower level, cause it’s built right into the floor itself. Due to this, the heating system can be set to a lower level than normal because you are getting all of it in full. The radiant heat even gets taken in by the objects in your home, so you are getting heated chairs, tables and your couches as well! It’s just so much of a better way to live. Heated floors do not waste energy, either, or any effort for their heating. They are the silent, deadly options of the heating world. Believe me, you shouldn’t even waste your time with a regular furnace!

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