The temperature is finally set

I recently found out that I have won a free stay at the Lakefront Marriott Downtown. I was a bit concerned about it at first, as I’ve heard of many scams involving hotel stays but after checking into it, I realize that it is totally legitimate. Like a lot of people, I do not have a pool anywhere around me to use, so it’s nice to be able to take a dip at a hotel for free and get cool, especially in the middle of the summer.  This Marriott has many pools at this well known location, so I get to choose whichever pool has the biggest waves, and the least amount of people, and I intend to spend most of my days there, especially if it’s an indoor pool. I won’t have to worry as much about getting a sunburn. Then after I am done swimming, I will go back to our hotel room and refresh myself in extremely arctic-like air conditioning. I will crank up the A/C to its maximum level and use all the settings, only to turn around and abuse the heating shortly thereafter.  I must say there’s just something about going from incredible air conditioning to heating and back and forth that absolutely tends to make me feel very welcome and comfortable. Since I simply cannot afford to swap back and forth between heating and air conditioning in our own little house, instead, I utilize and abuse all of the hotel systems that I can before I go back home.