This permit won’t do it

The summertime is nearing and I ask that anyone who has an elderly person or sick person residing with them, to have their air conditioning system serviced.  I am a certified heating plus cooling specialist and for a big Heating plus A/C company in the Deep South.  Many of my colleagues and myself have witnessed an unfortunate situation where the A/C of a home or commercial building failed greatly and failure resulted in the worst possible result that anyone could imagine. Indeed, I’ve had friends that call me to tell me that their air conditioner is not sending the cool out through the HVAC duct and ask me to check their Heating plus A/C system.  I don’t necessarily mind helping a friend, but I have to be careful.  My manager, for the most part, is expecting me to be paid for Heating plus A/C jobs that I perform.  After all, they sent me to school for Heating plus A/C training plus certification and  I am a certified Heating plus A/C specialist, not a handyman who works for a couple of dollars.  My friends think that if their a/c program is not cooling their apartment to their desirable temperature that I should just stop by to add some freon to their A/C system. In reality, my Heating plus A/C manager pays for that freon, so anyone needing some must understand that this chemical, which makes your undefined cool down the air, is not free.

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