I am just not happy about that

Like various others, I don’t personally own a car. Public transportation is around for a reason, and I believe it’s better for me to utilize these options rather than pay for the service a car requires, and it’s better for the environment. I use buses, carpooling with friends, plus the paid driver now and then. I have an app on my cell phone that lets me get a driver in absolutely no time at all, although I really only use it during emergencies. The village I live in is fairly tiny, plus  it doesn’t have a big population of these hired drivers, so I usually get the same couple of drivers every time. There’s one in particular who is not pleasant to ride with at all as he plays his boombox too loudly, rolls all the windows in the car down, and worst of all, he doesn’t have an A/C in his car. I know with certainty that these drivers must have air conditioner, that a fully functional cooling system is a requirement for vehicles that are employed in this service, yet he continues to operate without any AC. I know that’s why he rolls his windows down, but I can’t stand the feeling of wind blowing on my face like that. I’ve considered reporting him, however given the fact I tend to only use the driving service for emergencies so I don’t really use it often, it doesn’t seem like it’s worth the trouble. And I don’t want that to ever affect my chance to get a ride when I need one. The last time the driver pulled up when I sent my request, I made sure to leave a casual comment about the lack of air conditioning. My sincere hope is that mentioning the AC issue caused him to finally get it fixed, but I’ll have to wait until next time to see.

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