This place is hot!

I truly hated absolutely working out in commercial gyms and workout facilities, because there’s too many people doing too many things, taking up too many pieces of machinery and talking way too loud. Too much, too much, too much, and it drove me nuts, because I wanted to know why the classic warehouse gym wasn’t enough for gym rats these days. Well, after a buddy and I had been training together for 3 years, every one of us had the same opinion and wanted to do things the old fashioned way, both of us didn’t want to stop there, though – every one of us wanted to open up a classic gym, for weightlifters who loved the old-school approach to fitness. Both of us started looking around for garages, warehouses, and industrial space, trying to find a good structure with not too much wear. He lucked out and found this ancient warehouse that used to sell HVAC parts and equipment, so the spot was absolutely decked out with giant fans everywhere. He and I were going to leave the garage bay door open while in business hours, however this wasn’t a bad option either! While every one of us were in talks with the property owners, we reached out to a few fitness retailers to get quotes for the equipment, and each of us also made sure we could get the permits needed to run the gym business. We were in such a rush to get everything lined up for opening day, that we’d completely forgotten to make sure the space could stay cool enough for sweaty customers! Once everything was set up and running, he and I ran a “soft open” and let our friends and family come to try it out, people did say it was pretty hot in the gym, but they really loved it – they knew they’d get a good sweat on, and every one of us kept many substantially large coolers of ice water next to the fans around the gym to make sure people could easily cool down. It wound up being a mega hit, and best of all, our utility bill for the locale is lower than our homes!

central heat and A/C