It may be time to stop

I have a large utility shed in my backyard that’s about the size of a  single-car garage. It’s a fantastic place to store my grass tools as well as lawn furniture for the winter.  I’ve regularly wanted to use the space for my favorite hobby which is painting. I don’t like painting in my house, as there’s no room or safe place for me to paint without fear of spilling paint on the floor or being interrupted by the kids or my wife. However, the only problem with painting in the shed, is the unforgiving heat of a sizzling summer season.  It could be in the low eighties outside, however that turns my sanctuary into a giant sweat lodge, as well as warms the interior until it’s almost a hundred degrees! The shed is well insulated, however there’s nothing that absolutely cools it down. So, I decided I would look into buying a small cooling system for the shed After much searching what I could find online, a ductless air conditioning system seemed like the most logical choice.  A ductless system is meant to cool single rooms, ductless air conditioning systems are just an indoor device as well as an outdoor condenser. Online experts claimed that installing one of these units was so easy, I could do it myself! After checking prices for complete ductless systems that come with replacement kits, I discovered that an excellent system was available at the hardware store down the street from me. I cautiously followed replacement guides, both given to me by the hardware store and online, I was able to get my up-to-date ductless unit installed in a single day. I’m so glad I was able to make this happen, because I can finally paint in my shed without fear of ruining a carpet or being constantly interrupted.

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