This stupid heater

The other day i was pondering the thought that i’ve had to have a heating and cooling company out to the house 7 times this year already to fix my furnace. I’m thinking that buying this furnace was actually a huge mistake. The point was to save cash, but I’m now wondering if that’s really what’s happened. I bought this furnace off a buddy I know who does HVAC contracting for a living. He had taken it out of a house that had upgraded their system, but the furnace was still new. He offered it to me for nothing! I thought I had finally gotten a sweet deal! A month later, I was on vacation, and the friend watching my house called me to say that the furnace had broke down. I couldn’t do anything until I got home, unfortunately. Nothing in my house was damaged. The time of year was not hot and not too cold so all of the pipes and things were fine. I had an HVAC company come out and fix it and that was that. Not even a few days later, I went to visit my mom, and I get a call saying my furnace isn’t working again! I was so tired of this. Every time I leave something goes wrong with that furnace to make me all worried. Not only that, I am putting out cash left and right to fix it. It was supposed to be saving me cash, not costing! I know I made a terrible decision in purchasing the furnace used. I don’t feel like I’m saving very much cash, and the hassle alone really isn’t worth it.

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