This toilet is backed-up

One of my old friends is a shady individual who does anything to just make a real buck. One of my old friends has been doing something recently, that will probably get him into some serious trouble. One of my old friends has been returning items to the super center, after they have already been used. So far, the Supercenter hasn’t seemed to get wind of it, but my old friend tried something horrible last weekend that might land him in some serious hot water. Everyone of us purchased two sump pumps from our local plumbing supplier, when there was a terrible storm that left 2 in of water in the basement. Every one of us use the sump pumps to remove the excess water, and it seemed to take about 48 hours to get rid of all of the water. When my friend came over to the house to play cards, he saw the sump pumps sitting in the mud room and asked if he could use them. Everyone of us didn’t have any problems with our friend using the sump pumps, until we found out that he tried to return them to the plumbing company. Everyone of us were shocked plus dismayed to find out that our friend tried to return them and say they did not work very well at all. Fortunately or unfortunately for my friend, each one of the sump pumps had its own serial number. The plumbing company easily traced those serial numbers back to our invoice number, plus our number was the first one they called to find out if our sump pumps had been stolen in the middle of the night.

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