This shower is running great

My friend Sean along with my girlfriend Becky all got a job at the local hardware store. The two of us certainly believe the hardware store would be an easy job, because we could just walk around all day, talk to people, along with being the air conditioning. Sean, Becky, along with myself, quickly found that our tasks would be the worst to come. Whenever there was Lumber to be moved, Sean Becky, myself were forced to carry things from one place to another. When there were customer problems along with issues, the two of us were certainly put out there to help with things. One thing the two of us certainly hate about this job, is having to be the person to clean up the restrooms. It doesn’t matter if it’s the women’s restroom or the men’s restroom, because it seems like our customers certainly don’t care for the surroundings. The toilets are constantly getting backed up along with the Saints. The two of us were here on Saturday, when the two of us had two fish a flashlight out of the women’s bathroom. It was brand new one was still in the package, plus the two of us still can’t understand how they got that thing stuck in the toilet. There are overflowing toilets that need to be cleaned in the break room also, so it certainly seems like the employees have a rough time with the plumbing also. The two of us have asked that a plumber be contacted, because there seem to be more septic problems than one person can handle for a day.