This unit is very heavy

A few evenings ago, I noticed a Heating & A/C maintenance truck parked at the end of the cul de sac, but, while this would not normally be a weird occurrence, it seemed to be parked in the same spot all day long! During this time, I did not see anyone leave or enter the Heating & A/C maintenance truck at all, but the maintenance truck was still sitting at the far in the cul de sac. Then, when I woke up the next morning, I told my partner Steve about the truck over supper; Although he did not seem to be absolutely upset about the mysterious Heating & A/C maintenance truck. When he was the walking out the front door to pick up some groceries, he told me the truck was still sitting there. I was anxious that something might be horribly off, so I decided to call a few neighbors to get to the meat of the ordeal. I called a few of our neighbors, hoping someone would have an answer to the weird dilemma, however none of our neighbors seemed to be absolutely upset about the abandoned truck, either. On our third call, my neighbor Melissa told me an extremely helpful story. The Heating & A/C maintenance truck had been there over the weekend, because Melissa and Joe were having trouble with the a/c unit at home! Unfortunately, the truck would not start when the Heating & A/C worker was getting ready to leave. The worker had to call someone to pick him up, and the company also had to call for a tow truck. It take a very special type of tow truck to pick up these types of company vans, so they were still waiting on someone to pick up the Heating & A/C maintenance truck. The truck did not finally get moved until late Wednesday day.

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