Working at it’s peak

My sister, Sam, lives just a couple of blocks away from me, and both of us are always at each other’s apartments. We’ve been best friends since birth, and grew up to still be nearly inseparable. At least a couple of nights a week, we like to cook and eat our meals together. My sister’s friendship means everything to me, and this week she saved me from having to deal with an aggravating situation. I came back to my apartment after class one morning to find that my air conditioner wouldn’t turn on. I immediately called an HVAC specialist, but when they told me they were so backed up that it was going to take quite some time for them to get to my repair, I was at a loss. It was the middle of summer, and the temperatures were well into the eighties. I knew I couldn’t last in my apartment without an air conditioning system for all that time, however, Sam’s air conditioner had no problems. She let me stay in her room with her until my air conditioner would be able to be repaired. I’m so grateful that she let me do that because I would have been in misery otherwise. When my air conditioning was finally back up and running, I made a yummy meal to repay my sister for her kindness. I’m telling you, it would have been tough living without an HVAC system in the middle of a southern summer. I try to stay away from the heat as much as I can, so having a working air conditioner is very vital to me!

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