This was a full day

My husband and I are both nonsmokers.  I personally cannot stand the smell of cigarette smoke, I find that I tend to have a hard time breathing around people who smoke.  I have been told that I am very offensive to smokers because I won’t be around them because the smell does bother me so much. When we have family members over for a visit whether it is just for the day or for a few days we always ask that they go out to the driveway to smoke so that they aren’t inside the house and they aren’t near the windows while they are outside smoking.  This has caused a lot of family drama honestly. Certain family members feel that we are being unwelcoming towards them, others feel that we are being unaccepting of who they really are, and we even have a few who think they are entitled to smoke inside our home even though we have asked them time and time again not to smoke indoors. We have one family member in particular who will sneak off to any unoccupied room in the house and light up because he refuses to go outside.  We always smell the smoke instantly we always ask him to go outside he always refuses. It is because of this one family member in particular that we decided to have a whole home air purification system installed into the house. We want to be sure that we always have the cleanest air possible. With the help of our air purification system we are able to achieve amazing air quality and even when our chain smoking family members visit we are still able to maintain a great air quality.  I love my whole home air purification system.

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