This weather is hot!

My colleague & I have been teaching at the same elementary university for years. Both of us started when the people I was with and I had both moved from out of state & have become good friends since. One of our greatest accomplishments was being able to raise enough money to install a current heating & cooling system proposal in the university. The university is entirely  small & is housed a building that was built in the 1960s, but for the most part, the university is great, however, the seasoned heating & cooling system proposal was terrible. Often times, the cooling system would blow out dust & luke warm air, making the conditions for both the teachers & students terrible. Both of us all kept asking for repairs to be done to the AC. An Heating & Air Conditioning team was called out & the people I was with and I were told that the proposal needed to be updated. My coworker & I both knew that university did not have money for a current Heating & Air Conditioning system, however the people I was with and I also knew the people of the community loved the university. So, the people I was with and I got to work. Both of us spoke with several Heating & Air Conditioning companies & found a corporation that was willing to do the install at a discount since the people I was with and I were at a university. With that information in mind, the people I was with and I had a carnival fundraiser. Setting up the fundraiser for the current heating & cooling system component was simple. The whole community pitched in, helping set up games & fun activities for adults & children alike. By the end of the night, the people I was with and I had surpassed our goal & during the Spring cut that year, the current Heating & Air Conditioning proposal was installed.

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