Toying with husband – new thermostat

I like to keep my relationship alive and spicy, if you know what I mean. Being in a long term romantic partnership can get very difficult and stressful as real life worries begin to worm their way into your relations. It’s really easy to fall into a boring trap and never find your way back out if you aren’t careful. That’s why I wholeheartedly believe in screwing with my husband’s brain from time to time. It adds a playful element into our relationship and keeps him diligent throughout the day. Most recently, I’ve been enjoying our most recent torture device; our brand new smart thermostat. I had the new air temperature control unit installed in our home just about a week ago, and I’ve been loving the remote control functions of the air quality machinery. With this new high tech HVAC device, I can easily turn on or off our central heating and cooling equipment with the push of a button from my smartphone. I can adjust the air temperature up or down from anywhere on earth, so long as I have a cell signal. It’s never been easier to manage the exact indoor air temperature and air quality before in my life, and I’ve certainly never been so covert. The thing is, my husband doesn’t know about the smart thermostat or any of these advanced remote control functions. I’ve been having a great time making large and small air quality alterations from the road while he works from home. He never understands what is going on with the HVAC equipment, and I just laugh heartily at his expense. It’s a fun game, but I need to toe the line carefully before he calls out a professional HVAC service to inspect our central heating and cooling.

smart thermostat