Trying for electric heating

After a series of gas explosions rocked our town just back in July, my wife and I vowed to never have gas ever again.  I just don’t care if it’s not good for the environment longterm to heat your home with something other than gas. Sure, I want to do what I can and not litter and try and keep the earth a better place for all… However, I also need to be able to think safe and comfortable while I do so; thankfully for us, when that gas company who is responsible for the explosions vowed to install new non-gas powered heating and air conditioning systems at no cost to us, my wife and I jumped at the chance to finally have our house disconnected from the scary gas line entirely. She and I are well aware that both of us are both very lucky to be alive and have our home intact; a lot of innocent people died that harrowing afternoon due to the gas explosions, and several more perished just trying to escape the sparks and flames.  I could not imagine in anyway how this could be a good place to raise a child, in fear and anxiety that on a random afternoon the gas company could screw up another routine and important pipe inspection and blow up half the town. Since both of us didn’t have the currency to move, we reluctantly took them up on the offer. I ignored my wife’s protest to get a heated floor, and instead went with the less messy and far more affordable and easy plan of an electric oil furnace with radiators. The electric oil furnace needs no air ducts nor pipework, only wiring which must be handled by a professional heating and air conditioning employee to be done properly. I’m so relieved to have a gas free home and be safe should disaster appreciate this strike twice.

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