Trying to cut back on the furnace use

I swear, nobody even knows how to get fabulous presents like our Grandmother. She is just a single one of those people who knows precisely what to get, even when you don’t really know what you want. She knows that I always struggle with freezing feet! I’m good dealing with Winter and at the household I’ll bundle up in a jacket and a blanket rather than turning up the oil heating device… However, my toes are rather long, so even in fuzzy socks and slippers they become so freezing it hurts. If I don’t have the oil heating device running high enough, It becomes painful with the freezing temperatures of my feet! Then the only way to find relief is to take a bath to get them under tepid water for a little while. However, since our water heating device is also powered by the oil heater, rather than an electric water heater, this too wastes a great deal of fuel that I actually don’t have the money to update. Then on Christmas Day I opened up my present from Grams to find the best solution–an electric footwarmer! It’s sort of like an electric blanket, however instead of just being a cover it makes a little pocket of heat to stick your feet into. I can take it with me just about anywhere in the household, from the couch to the office, and even into bed with me. The electric foot warmer actually heats my feet up so they’re comfy–no more pain–and all without turning up the oil heating device… Plus since the electric footwarmer is low wattage, it doesn’t run up the utility bill like a space heating device would.

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