The thermostat is just busted

When I wake up feeling so overheated its like I woke up in a hot yoga class, there are 2 questions that come to mind: am I dying or is the temperature control dying? Overheating regularly makes me feel like I’m 2 inches from death’s door–I do not deal well with it in the least. It regularly makes me feel entirely nauseous and drained, like I’ve developed a case of the flu however I had no symptoms before hand! These at least usually clue me in to take vitamins and destroy it before it takes a real hold of me. I easily cannot tell heat exhaustion from serious illness. I regularly struggle to get out of bed, and since I live alone there’s no roommate to text to check the temperature control for me. This is absolutely also why my temperature control dies so often, because I have nobody else to remind me to change it and take care of it before it goes out again. See, programmable temperature controls are easily great, until you realize you need to change the batteries all the time. Before I get to that, I have to take care of me before anybody else. So I take my anti-nausea meds and have a relaxing cool shower–sometimes I even take the pills in the shower when I’m easily dead! As soon as I’m in my comfiest workout clothes, I get up and drag myself to the junk drawer for batteries. Then go in the residing room to the temperature control. Sure enough, the screen is commonly blank, which means the temperature control is once again offline. It’s not even broke to be honest, it’s just the cheap batteries I get that have died. It only takes a second to change them and get the Heating and A/C device back online again. I swear, I don’t really know if I should get better batteries, or a better programmable temperature control for my place.

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