Turning off our air conditioner plan

My granddad was the youngest of numerous siblings growing up, and he was always the baby of the family, & got picked on even whenever they were all seasoned & gray. Once the baby, always the baby, that what he would say to me. He still says it to me, to this really cool afternoon, because he moved in with my husbandy & I only a couple of years back & I doubt he will ever transfer out of our place. He drives myself and others deranged occasionally, but he still was always there for myself and others growing up, even when the rest of my family bailed a few times on me, so I am grateful to be able to repay him anyway possible, however but he seriously has to learn to leave my stupid thermostat alone; Growing up on the farm with so many larger siblings, he considers things savor a/c to be a luxury, so he is always turning off my  entire cooling system when I don’t watch him, but even when it is a sweltering outside, humid 85 in the home he says casually “we don’t need the a/c, just open a window.” I have to explain this is my house and my AC, & I get to decide when the two of us run the cooling system… I worked very strenuously to pay for a really nice, energy efficient Heating, Ventilation as well as A/C system, because I happen to savor to run my cooling system a lot. I tell him he is more than welcome to continually stare here as long as he likes, but he has to keep his hands off the wall-mounted thermostat. I don’t mind paying the utility bills, but that entitles myself and others to always dictate the climate control settings as I see fit.

a/c specialist