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It seems a bit absurd to be talking about a hurricane when it is almost the end of October, but it does happen.  We tend to get a bit lax when September ends and we forget that hurricane season lasts from June until November. We are right now bracing for a Category 4 hurricane.  It is set to make landfall a short thirty miles from our home. We have been told that we should be vacating our homes, but I can’t leave. We’ve been through this before and we know about the looting, but we also want to be here in case the storm causes any damage that we may be able to take care of right away.  A couple years ago, we had a storm that uprooted one of the trees that destroyed our camper and most of our fencing. I have another tree that I am afraid will take out our house. Our biggest fear is if the power goes out. Last year, the power went out and it stayed out for almost a week. We lost everything that was in our refrigerator and freezer.  We had no water, because without power, our water pump doesn’t work. This year, we are prepared. We went out and bought a generator when they were on sale. We weren’t sure what kind of generator to buy, but I did a lot of research. When our power goes out, we’ll have lights and air conditioning because of our generator. Along with the air conditioning, we can keep our refrigerator and some of the lights on.  I can imagine the envy when our neighbors realize we not only have lights, but we still have air conditioning.

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