Using a gas heater

After the natural gas explosions that happened in the early fall, I swore to the wife that both of us would never, ever in the rest of our lives, rely on natural gas in the house. This incident was avoidable, but that didn’t seem to matter to the perpetrators! The whole incident was due to business negligence on behalf of the gas company. They didn’t ensure that the gas lines were shut off while the warm season rolled through, so HVAC mechanics working on these furnaces got quite the surprise when the furnace kicked on in front of them. This caused the gas to destroy homes! Like multiple others, we were evacuated and couldn’t be allowed back to our home for days. Not until the natural gas fumes finally cleared would we be allowed to re-enter our home. All of our HVAC components has to be cleared of any gas or other danger. The gas company who caused this whole mess is truly killing the PR efforts, too – not only are they replacing HVAC components for affected residents for free, but they’re also offering folks special warranty programs for alternate heating systems like radiant floor heating, boilers and more. I am taking advantage of this to have electric heating installed instead, as the electric baseboard heating system will allow us to have a much warmer home from the ground up – literally. Not only is the electric heating a lot safer than the gas heating method, but it’s simple to install and it doesn’t need any air ducts!

gas heating