We had the a/c system cranked

The other day, our friend plus I were going for a drive, however it was a terribly sizzling afternoon but at least we had the a/c system cranked up in the car, but well, we ended up stopping at a railroad crossing as the train was going by, this train was a super long one and it almost seemed like forever for it to pass by, and as we were waiting, that’s when the a/c in the motorcar broke down. All of us desperately tried adjusting the temperature control but we could not get the cooling unit to work again in the car! It was becoming blazing sizzling in the motorcar in no time plus we ended up having to roll down the windows. This was not unquestionably helpful plus we were roasting inside the car, finally when the train passed and we were able to move on past, we rushed to the nearest auto parts store. My friend said that we could get 1 of those refrigerant filling kits and get the a/c working in the motorcar again. I never heard of a type of thing but figured our friend knew what she was doing… So we got 1 of these kits plus our friend tested filling up the refrigerant to the a/c compressor in the engine. After she was done using the kit, I honestly was a bit skeptical that the a/c was magically going to work. When she turned on the motorcar though and we cranked up the cooling system, ice freezing air came blasting from the air vents! I was literally blown away!

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