Using HVAC to irritate the whiners

There is no satisfying some people, I’m sure you know the type of mean. It always makes me think of the stuffed donkey Eyoere, from the old Winnie the Pooh cartoons. That donkey complains loud and long, about everything, all the time, and I know a few people that are very much that way. Anything they have to say is a gripe or a complaint, and they make sure do it loud enough for everyone to hear. I myself am a man of action, so instead of grousing about a problem I try to work out a plan to fix it. Recently I found out the override code for the smart thermostat in the office, and I’ve been making it work for me. The climate control system is always a source of whining and complaining from some people in the office. The heating makes the place too humid, or the AC hurts their lungs because of not enough moisture in the air quality, it’s always something! Since I had the access codes, I could log into the smart thermostat from my office computer and control it remotely. Since we have zone control settings, I can change different parts of the office to different temperatures. I played around with the system, cooling down the areas that were too cold, and heating up the places that were too hot. Since there was no stopping them whining about the AC settings, I would make them pay for it. If they wanted to complain about the climate control then I would give them something to complain about!

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