Snowed in and loving it

Does this sound like a nightmare to you — you are trapped in a cabin, snowed in by drifts of snow and ice up to eight feet high. You have no contact with the outside world, no phone lines, no internet, no cable TV, not even any outside electricity. You are stuck in this place for as long as it takes for the snow to melt, which could take weeks. This may sound like a worst case scenario to you, but it is a normal part of my life, and one I have grown to enjoy. I have a little gas powered generator so I can watch movies, and I have a small space heater that keeps me nice and warm. If the space heater dies on me, or if for some reason the generator stops working, then I have a wood burning furnace and several weeks worth of firewood, as well. I enjoy the solitude, so as long as I have enough food, water, and heating supplies for the long haul, and rather like the snow-ins. I am starting to get on in years, so having a big enough supply of firewood for the furnace might prove to be an issue in future years. For now, I like the system I have, and the little space heater works so well it seems to heat up the entire cabin! I know this lifestyle isn’t for everyone, and I never thought I would like it either, but as long as I have heating and a good book to read, I’m going to be just fine.

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