Using the old heating system

Our parents will never burden us and tell us when they are too old to care for themselves, my brother & I knew all along our dad was aging abruptly, however after our mom died, our dad lost his entire will to live, but he wasn’t caring for the house, & he wasn’t caring for himself in the least. At first, it was little things here & there, such as the people I was with and I went to visit & there was no milk in the fridge or bread in the cabinet‚Ķ One day there was laundry piled as high as our daughter, whenever our brother & I visited last weekend, every one of us clearly knew it was time for Dad to leave the house; It was chilly & chilly outside, & the entire outdoor temperature on the thermometer was 31 degrees for the day. My brother & I expected to walk in the house & see Dad relaxing in his favorite arm chair. Instead, every one of us walked into a chilly and scary scene, dad was bundled up in a study room chair, with no lights or happy television running. My brother & I checked the thermostat, which was simply studying 62 degrees. My brother turned on the heat fr us. I tried to talk to our dad, even though he was shivering cold. He seemed easily disoriented and shivered from the lack of heat, & I decided to stay for a few hours. After the central heat again was running for a few hours, the house started to assume more cozy. My dad was honestly still acting strangely, and clearly my brother & I have a immense decision to make. The people I was with and I cannot just leave dad in that house anymore‚Ķ not after he almost had hypothermia.

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