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My partner and I bought a fantastic house for ourselves about several years ago. It was our dream come true, we were so proud, and the people I was with and I picked out the perfect property. We’ve always been extremely happy with the place, but after residing in the home for several years, I have observed a lot of new problems with the indoor air pollen levels and air quality. When the people I was with and I first moved in the house, I feel as if the Heating and A/C component worked great. As far as I remember, the home was regularly cool and crisp in the summer season, and even when the outdoor temperatures were in the nineties and hundreds. In the Winter months, our locale was regularly toasty warm and cozy. I don’t remember ever noticing much pollen in the air or on the household surfaces, until just recently. The indoor air pollen levels is less than charming at this point. I decided it was time to contact the local Heating and A/C contactor, and have our system investigated last week. The Heating and A/C provider came over and performed a 50 point inspection on our heating and cooling system. They tested the ventilation system and our Heating and A/C ducting and soon discovered the source of our air quality problems. The main ducting system already had several holes, and there was several spots where the ducting was pulling air in from directly outside, bypassing the air filter. The two of us had the Heating and A/C provider fix the problems with our ductwork, and we even had an air purification system installed to help with the ridiculous volume of pollen. I haven’t observed a pressing difference in the air quality yet, but I hope this ductwork service will do the trick. I want to love my house again!

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