Want a new thermostat

Living the wild whirlwind lifestyle I lead, I often find myself prone to jokes from friends who claim I can’t take care of anything beyond my own person. I can see where they get off though, since I do have a nasty habit of neglecting my household while I’m on the road for days at a time. Thankfully, I make enough cash in my line of work to afford having a cleaning service. This service will come through every other day and abruptly clean up any messes, clean dishes and even scrub the shower clean for me! One day recently, I came to the house after work. Despite feeling exhausted, I still noticed that the control component for the HVAC system had been fiddled with. It was set to a much cooler temperature than usual, which I found pretty annoying. Still, I set it back to the correct temperature setting before carrying on to sleep. For the next few weeks, I kept coming back to the house after the cleaning crew visited, and finding the control component had been dropped down to sixty-four degrees on those days! I was getting more and more annoyed with each instance. Though I tried being polite and leaving notes asking the custodial staff to change the settings back when they leave, it still kept on happening. Talk about annoying! Finally I had my fill, so I decided to invest in a smart control unit for the house. I could use this smart thermostat to control the HVAC system from afar, using an app on my phone. Installation was a surprisingly easy process, as I just watched a few tutorials from around the web to see how I needed to make the connections for the control component. Once I had the fancy new smart control component installed, I was able to pinpoint the exact moment that the cleaning crew came! It still makes me laugh when I think about how they tried to adjust the control component settings to the coldest possible output, only to be locked out of the thermostat controls!