Want the a/c set up right

My friend Tricia called this afternoon! Both of us attended school together, and have been lifelong friends for around 15 years. Tricia was frantic, because they had a bunch of snow last evening. During the late evening snowstorm, their furnace stopped working completely. Tricia asked if she could talk to my partner, because he works as a residential repair supervisor. He basically deals with residential repair problems all day long, but Sam can repair basically any type of heating or cooling machine. Sam was glad to help Tricia troubleshoot the problem. It’s extremely funny that Tricia was having furnace problems last evening, because Sam and I are still using the A/C machine at home. Tricia had several feet of snow, and we still have 77% humidity outside. It’s taxing to know that people could live in the same country, and go through such differences in environments, weather, and temperature! While Tricia is anxious about getting the furnace repaired, I still have the air conditioner machine blasting away. I keep telling Tricia that she should move much closer to me, but she prefers the colder winter temperatures. Trisha and her partner spend a lot of time skiing and snowboarding, and they both truly love ice fishing. A few years ago, my partner and I went up there to visit. We had a lot of fun snowboarding, however it was far too freezing for me. After spending roughly an hour on the phone, Sam finally told Tricia to get a hold of her furnace repair worker. Sam believed the furnace needed a new thermostat. Both of us could walk her through the upgrade process step by step, however it was so much easier to call a professional. I hope that solves the problem. I’m still waiting to hear back from Tricia.

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