Want to add central a/c

I was starting to become very irritated when our dining room always felt overheated, even when the cooling system was blasting cold air throughout the house! I would keep changing the control device so that the people I was with and I could get more cooling power to our dining room, but it just wasn’t entirely working as it should! The thing is, the rest of the house became cold while the room stayed pretty warm. I ended up going to the store and picking up a window air conditioner device, just to install in our dining room and catch a break. When I installed that thing, that’s when our room finally became nice and cool! When my husband came back from work at the end of the day, he asked why the people I was with and I had a window air conditioner device in our dining room. That’s when I told him that no matter how much I tried to blast the a/c in the room, I couldn’t get the room to cool down whatsoever. Frustrated, he said that I should’ve just told him that I needed to get the dining room cooled off as we could have trusted that to an HVAC technician. I apologized and said that I didn’t know what to do, and that window air conditioner device was doing a good job! So he ended up calling the Heating in addition to Air Conditioning company, and soon the people I was with and I had another Heating in addition to Air Conditioning repair technician over at our locale checking everything out. He discovered that the ductwork was totally blocked up right where the juncture in the ductwork was, where it ran over the dining room. No wonder we weren’t getting proper cooling to our dining room!

central a/c