Want to see the thermostat

I was somewhat early for my job interview and was asked to wait in the boardroom. I was sitting there for quite a few minutes kind of bored, kind of nervous, and thinking, “Did they forget me?”. So I started peering around the room.  The first oddity I noticed was that all of the chairs around the chairs were mismatched. The walls could have used new paint too. Then I noticed the thermostat. It was barely noticeable behind a cabinet. I can’t help but wonder how many of the employees of this business have no clue where the thermostat is. I wouldn’t have seen it at all had I not been staring at the room so hard. Still, it was clear to me that management didn’t want everyone knowing the area where the thermostat was and messing with it. Other jobs I have worked at would lock the thermostat up, or place it in a manager’s office, so the workers would be noticed if they tried to mess with it. I made a mental note of where the thermostat was in this new workplace. In case I get the job, I will be able to get to it. Someone finally came and gave me a hurried interview in the boardroom but they were so late. I feel like that gave me a bit of power in the interview, but I really don’t know if I want to join a company where the managers aren’t conscious of time. I will see though. If I do come on board, at least I know how to find the thermostat.

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