Want to work for HVAC businesses

I have been the friend that everyone refers to with furniture needs. Carpentry has been one of my main hobbies, and rehabbing furniture is something I’ve done for years. There is nothing I love more than going to the swap shed adjacent to my local dump, and finding old signs and antiquated furniture that have been abandoned for being too much work to put back together. These free finds are an endless source of inspiration, and I often can turn a bunch of wooden junk into something really cool! Periodically, I just do a basic rehab to refurbish the furnishing. Some others, however, will be turned into something new and fantastic altogether! With five years of experience on the side, I’m finally ready to take my furniture hobby into a full time business! Thanks to the immense drive for upcycled furniture, my work has become more popular and at a higher demand than ever before. I needed a place to task year round at this point, so that was a challenge to track down with our long Winters. What I ended up doing instead was taking the outdated barn building I’ve always worked in over the summer months, and fixing it up to be suited for a workshop. That means better insulation, tighter seals on the windows and doors, and extra weather stripping. Then, I saved up from my commissioned work, and had a proper Heating & Air Conditioning system installed. This heating & A/C system includes ventilation that is designed to help with air flow, and the removal of chemicals and odors from varnish and other products I use in the rehab process. Now, I have a space that I will be comfortable in as well as heating and A/C to stay comfortable.

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