Adding a heater to our second room

I always try to keep my guest’s living quarters warm, clean, & ready for guests. There is nothing worse than going to stay at someone else’s place for the evening & then feeling uncomfortable, and last time I needed to stay over at a friend’s home for the evening, I was so freezing all evening long! She prefers keeping her home on the cool side because she is not 1 to get tepid very easily. I am the opposite. I get overly cold very entirely quickly & I enjoy keeping my home hot & snug. When I have people over to my home, they usually make some comment about how it’s nice & pleasantly hot in here. Not to mention, my neighbor also has a nice, new down comforter on her soft queen sized bed! In the guest living room, I had only a thin shit & an old blanket that didn’t supply much warmth at all. I didn’t bring anything too hot to sleep in either because I prefer to sleep in shorts & t shirt back at my own home. I laid awake in the bed half the evening because I was too freezing to get overly comfortable. When I came home, I made sure to put extra blankets in my own guest quarters. Since the people I was with and I have split ducted heating & cooling, guests also have full access to a temperature control so that they can set the temperature to their preferred comfort levels. I understand that the guest living room is not someone’s main concern in their new home all the time, but it opened up my eyes when I slept so poorly that I don’t want that to be the case for having any guests I may have, then being too tepid or too freezing in the evening can honestly have a negative impact on the type of sleep you get. I understand that all the people is different, that’s why I’m so glad my guests will be able to set the temperature to whatever their preference is.

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