Water Heater and Furnace

I live in a rented townhouse that is only ten minutes away from my office. I live here for the convenience, but I own a little house in a neighboring town that is almost an hour from my office. It’s a long story how I came to leave my little house and end up renting a place instead, but suffice to say it’s okay. I rent out my little house that is an hour away, and my plan is to retire to it when the time is right. I will turn 62 in ten years, but I technically have fifteen years left to pay on the mortgage. I am hoping to be able to start doubling up on my payments so I can retire in ten years. Anyway, while I am renting it out, I use the services of a property manager. She is very helpful, but there is one thing I wish she would do better, and that is have better communication with me. It seems like all she ever does is try to convince me to spend more money on my house. She has been after me for years to replace the water heater. She wants me to get one of those on-demand water heaters, but they are expensive. Plus, I do not have a big house that is all fancy. I have a small humble house with humble central heating and cooling and humble appliances. I asked a realtor about the on-demand water heater, and he said it would be a waste of money for that small house. Plus, I do not pay the utility bills, so I am more interested in a/c and heating that saves me money, not the tenant. Which also brings me to the point that has also begun talking about the need for a new furnace. There is no way I am getting a furnace until I absolutely have to.

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