We are getting a new look at the thermostat

As I work from home, it’s really pressing on me to keep my home at as comfortable of temperature possible ever since the peak of the warm season. I have definitely noticed that my home is getting hotter as the day goes on. My a/c tries hard to keep up, however the afternoon light seems to heat up my whole office, & the rest of the house too. As I set my temperature control to a lower setting, The a/c will not go below seventy-eight degrees. Consequently I had a professional Heating and Air Conditioning professional come out to my home and take a look at my a/c unit. Even though he said it was in peak condition and did not need any repairs, he did provide me a singular piece of advice that I know I will heed. He said that if I keep my curtains drawn during the most sunny parts of the afternoon, that my a/c will not have to work as hard to keep my home cool, and therefore, it will not have heat build up around the middle of the afternoon! This was a good piece of advice being that I entirely had not thought of. So then I went out and bought curtains for every window instantly, and now when I start to think my a/c heating up, I can draw the curtains and my home feels instantly cooler. This will make a/c maintenance much easier as well where it will not have to work as hard to keep my whole home cool. I’m so thankful I got that helpful piece of advice from our Heating and Air Conditioning professional. I know it saved my sanity and the life of my a/c!

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