A large building with a large air conditioner

My man is the first person to get to his employer each morning. He is the last employee to go home in the evenings as well. Due to this, it is also a part of his tasks to control the business temperature control for the heating and cooling system. But he is required to turn the temperature control to a higher temperature when he leaves in the evening in order to conserve energy & save the business some funds. However, his office houses some fragile medical supplies, so he cannot turn the temperature control for the cooling system off entirely. But, if the cooling system were to be turned off completely, both the humidity, and likely the heat, would disfigure the medical supplies, which would obviously not be good for my man or his employment. Thus, he turns the thermostat to a lower & quite comfortable setting as soon as he gets there. He says it usually takes a little bit for the whole business to cool off, however once the air conditioner’s  cooling system fully kicks in, he & his coworkers can concentrate more & get many more things done. A big benefit of being in charge of the thermostat’s temperature controls is getting to set the temperature to your unique liking! My man prefers his air conditioner pretty cold, so he gets to set the office temperature control fairly low during the work day, & his coworkers don’t seem to mind. Being in control of the business’ temperature control for the cooling system might be a hassle to some, however my man does not genuinely mind, since he gets to set the temperature to what he thinks would be the most comfortable.

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