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The passing of another Memorial Day just makes me feel sad about the summer season. The two of us the test the sweltering summer heat, but we certainly chose to move into an area of the country where we are left without several options. The two of us completely go into our shells during the summer months, because the two of us prefer to sit in front of the air conditioning component. The two of us make our air conditioning component a priority, because the air conditioning component is the only thing keeping us from baking like fish. It might be funny to some people when I say that, but it actually happens to be true. Inside of our family compound, the cooling component keeps our home from becoming too hot. There have been several times when the cooling component has failed in the summer, and our family compound has been 130°. It’s impossible to maintain comfort, without our cooling component tasking properly. Several of my friends agree, and we all certainly use the same furnace and cooling provider to maintain our home systems. That furnace and cooling provider is actually one of our best friends, who certainly changed his life around and decided to join a technical school. Even at 55, some people can completely change their life and make several new choices. He is a great guy, and provides several of us with great service to our air conditioner and furnace. He is the genuinely and definitely the type of guy that a person is proud to know.  

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