We had to go weeks

College residence is not simple. There are several advantages, of course, like living with your friends, cheap housing, and convenient dining choices.Iit was a load of fun times too! However, there are several challenges as well, and learning to live independent of your parents is extremely difficult. It is also strenuous to live with a total stranger, and there are additional small inconveniences like heating and cooling mishaps, that make it a bit challenging as well.

                For example, during my freshman year, the heating idea was being repaired one time and during the repair, the university had to turn off the gas furnace. It was turned off for two whole mornings in the middle of the coldest Winter weekend. It was chilly!  Many students complained to the university board and took it as far as filing complaints. I absolutely would’ve done the same, but I made it through that weekend thanks to a gift from our mom. The only thing that got me through this was my heated blanket. This blanket was so powerful that it kept me warm all evening despite the lack of heat.

              I almost forgot about the lack of heating idea at night because the blanket was keeping me so warm. I was absolutely overheating a few times. I was beyond grateful that Mom sent me this blanket when I first moved into our dorm. I did not think it was necessary, but Mom usually knows best! After those few mornings, the heating idea was up and running again. All was back to normal on our university campus.

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