We do need to save money

I live way up north where winter is constantly brutal.  We get cold temperatures far below zero, awful wind chill, and a ridiculous amount of snow.  We try to remain inside as much as possible. Because of this, the heating method is the highest priority.  The furnace impacts comfort, safety, health, in addition to budget for about twenty-eight weeks of the year.  We need a heating method that maintains an even temperature, in addition to operating efficiently and most of all, reliably.  The cost of heating is our biggest bill, and energy waste is a big concern. I currently have a forced air gas oil furnace installed in my home. I’m not overly content with it’s abilities.  The oil furnace uses air to produce heat, then blows it into the rooms through vents linked to a duct system. As the heated air passes through the duct system, it picks up dust, bacteria in addition to other contaminants, then spreads them throughout my home.  My family then breathes in these pollutants, putting their health at risk. Plus, when the heated air flows out the vents, it rises straight up to the ceiling. The temperature difference between the floor and the ceiling is astronomical. Our home is uncomfortable and our utility bills are monumentally high .  I would love the opportunity to rip out the HVAC duct and oil furnace, then upgrade to a boiler and radiant flooring. The project would require a serious amount of teardown, be quite costly, and create a huge mess. It would be worth it to save money on utilities, and take pleasure in my superior furnace.

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