Working out in my home

I adore cats, and I have many of them as pets.  The cats create a huge problem, especially when it comes to making a clean home.  I don’t want our little house to reek of cat litter box. I don’t wish to live with fur all around our furniture and floors.  Because of the weather in the local area, I don’t rarely get to open the windows taking advantage of fresh breeze. For the majority of the time, the little house is sealed up right to prevent energy wasting.  I am always turning on either the oil furnace or a/c, and I worry about air purity. Although the heating & cooling systems try to filter the air, it’s not enough to compensate for the impact of numerous cats. Plus, the fur and hair manages to get inside the unit, accumulates and causes all kinds of complications.  Any buildup of debris inside the inner now workings obstructs the air. If there’s less conditioned air coming from the unit, it takes the system that much more time and effort to achieve thermostat settings. This places additional efforts on components, leading to more malfunctioning and premature failure. Longer running times also garner greater energy consumption and higher energy bills.  To combat these situations, I’ve enrolled in a check up program with a local Heating, Ventilation & A/C corporation. A serviceman comes to the little house twice during the year and carefully checks, cleans and adjusts the HVAC equipment. He takes care of plenty of potential concerns, removes any unhealthy contaminants, and makes necessary adjustments. This maintenance ensures proper, consistent and reliable operations from the oil furnace and a/c.  I have further preserved the machine and the health of our lake house by installing an air purifier for the entire house.

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