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I’ve been working from my winter cabin for 2 years now. For a long time, we honestly commuted to the office every day. It was a pain in the butt to wake up 2 hours early for work every morning, just to make the 45-minute commute. When someone in the office mentioned working from home, I honestly got on the bandwagon and did my best to get the job. I love being able to honestly work from my own office, and it’s equally nice to get to see my partner everyday. Both of us have been retired for some time, and now both of us get to spend all day together in the house. The only time there is honestly some trouble with working in our winter cabin, happens when we have issues with the heat pump and A/C equipment. Well this does not happen very frequently, last winter we had some terrible trouble with the heat pump. I was honestly working on completing some work in the morning, when we heard several long hissing size from the area where our heat pump is held. We honestly knew this was probably trouble, and immediately got on the phone to contact our heat pump and A/C equipment contractor. When we honestly described the hissing sound, they told us that the heat pump might likely need to be replaced. Luckily, the heat pump was able to be repaired instead of replaced. There are always disruptions when working from home, but I prefer to get them done and out of the way quickly.

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