We know that the air conditioner is dirty

On St. Patrick’s Day, I went with a bunch of friends to a local bar. I blacked out that night, all because I drank way too much. The next day, I asked my girlfriend what happened, and she seemed to be incredibly irritated with me. She asked if she should begin with me nearly tossing a drink in her face, or the confrontation I started with the guy dressed up as a leprechaun. She said that I did throw the contents of my beer in her face, she thinks it might’ve been an accident. The confrontation with the guy was because of the temperature control, according to her. Apparently, I was complaining about the place being overheated, and that guy disagreed with me. I kept saying that the air conditioning system needed to be cranked up, and this guy got in my face saying it was already too cool. That’s when I tackled him to the ground! As she was telling me about this weird experience, I could vaguely remember being frustrated about the lack of air conditioning system in the bar. It’s actually difficult, believe it or not, to have a good time when you feel overheated from poor climate control! She didn’t feel it was too hot in the bar, though. Shortly after that fight, a bunch of my friends took us out of the bar before the owner decided to call the cops. I wasn’t myself that night, but I know myself well enough to say that I needed to cool off to avoid spiraling into a rage!

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