Heading to the doctor

On St. Patrick’s Day, I went with a bunch of friends to a local bar. Apparently, I blacked out that night though because I drank way too much! I asked my bestie what happened the following day, and she seemed to be quite irritated with me. She asked me if I remembered tossing a drink in her face, or the fight I started with the guy dressed up as a leprechaun. My only thought was, “What?” She said that I threw the beer in her face, but she felt it was on accident. The fight with the guy was intentional though, since the temperature control in the place apparently set me off. Apparently, I was complaining about the place being overheated and the leprechaun disagreed with me. I kept saying that the a/c needed to be cranked up, but this guy got in my face about it, saying I was being a baby! That’s when I tackled him to the ground and started fighting him. As our bestie was telling me about this weird experience, I could vaguely remember being frustrated about the lack of a/c in the bar. It’s so hard to have a great time when you can’t stop sweating from terrible air conditioning! Shortly after that fight, a bunch of our friends took me out of the bar before the owner decided to call the cops. I felt like a fool, but I’m glad my friends were able to be there to keep me from making foolish mistakes and getting arrested – That actually would not be cool.

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