We spent a good deal of money

Living in the North puts a whole new level of importance on the need for a rug for your lavatory, my mom lives in the South and her whole house is tile, because its hot year round so it’s never an issue! Where I live, a tile floor is freezing cold half the year., however i have a pretty high tolerance for the cold, with one caveat: once my feet get cold, all bets are off! The only way to solve it is with hot water–no amount of socks or slippers will make it better. I’ve grown used to just taking a hot bath everyday in the Wintertime–my rent includes the water bill anyway so I can afford this luxury. It used to be really hard for me to get out, because I never wanted to leave the precious warmth; However, my new place has made it really easy to get out of the bath because my proprietor set up the lavatory brilliantly. It’s a small little lavatory, just enough space to do what you gotta do. But he gave the lavatory its own HVAC zone control and placed the drying rod for the towels over the radiator for the electric heating. What this means is, I can turn the heat on when I go to take a bath, and the heat not only warms up the bathroom pronto–it rises to the towel hanging above it, So you get this wonderful feeling warm towel to acclimate you to the coolness. I’ve never thought to do this before–my proprietor is some kind of genius.

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